Google Doodle for New Year's Eve pops with confetti

The search giant is ready to ring in the new year.

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Carrie Mihalcik

So long, 2021!


With 2022 just around the corner (and having already arrived in some time zones), Google is celebrating New Year's Eve 2021 with a festive burst of confetti. 

The animated Google Doodle for New Year's still has up some holiday lights but adds a party hat and jumping "2021" popper. Clicking on the popper brings up search results for "New Year's Eve" and showers the page in brightly colored confetti. You can repeat the effect by clicking on the animated popper in the right-hand box with New Year's Eve info.

Last year, Google put a cuckoo clock at the center of its New Year's Doodle and in previous years has celebrated with animated animals. To welcome 2020, the search giant chose the familiar Froggy, its weather frog. 

While some areas have scaled back celebrations again this year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people looking for last-minute ideas for New Year's Eve might consider streaming fireworks shows or setting up an online game with friends