Google Doodle Showers Valentine's Day With Raindrops

The Feb. 14 Doodle sees love blossom in rainy weather.

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Sean Keane
Two raindrops join together to form a single, heart-shaped drop against a pink background that includes the Google logo

The Valentine's Day 2023 Google Doodle features raindrops coming together.


Tuesday's Google Doodle offered a sprinkling of romance for Valentine's Day 2023. The animated Doodle shows a raindrop rescuing another from sliding to its doom by joining together to form a single, heart-shaped drop.

"Rain or shine, will you be mine?" Google says on its Doodle page.

The search giant notes the start of birds' mating season in Europe on Feb. 14 as an origin of the holiday's focus on romance.

On Monday, Google said that searches for "date night ideas" had spiked in the days leading up to Feb. 14. Searches for "heart-shaped pizza" apparently also rise every February in the US.

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