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Former NASA and Apple engineer builds another Ninja Warrior course for squirrels

Mark Rober is back, facing off against his greatest frenemy.

The maze features Mission Impossible inspiration.
Mark Rober

Last spring, you may recall that former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober built what amounted to a Ninja Warrior course for squirrels. Rober's problem was simple: He had built a bird feeder and the damn squirrels kept eating all the food. 

Back then Rober went to hilarious lengths to create an obstacle course that no squirrel could possibly navigate -- yet the squirrels still managed to break the course and figure things out. 

A year later, Rober decided to take on the squirrels again.

Enter: Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0.

The contraption Rober designed and built alongside his friends took two months of meticulous planning, but the real fun comes in watching the squirrels completely dissect and destroy their best laid plans.

Eventually, as you might expect, the squirrels win, but the entire video is a joy to watch.