Finger Caddy is the snacking accessory Jeff Bezos needs

For a few bucks, you too can keep the orange Cheetos gunk off your fingers.

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Stephen Shankland
Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos posted on Instagram that he had gross orange Cheetos gunk on his fingers.

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos posted on Instagram that he had gross orange Cheetos gunk on his fingers.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Jeff Bezos has quite a record for entrepreneurial activity: first Amazon , then Blue Origin, then The Washington Post. Maybe the next business venture for Bezos should be sinking $15 into a Kickstarter project to improve snacking hygiene.

On Tuesday, Bezos posted a photo of his orange-stained fingertips on Instagram . "I know... but god I love Cheetos," he confessed.

Finger Caddy
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Finger Caddy

The Finger Caddy may sound silly, but it could help Jeff Bezos keep his electronics tidy when indulging in junk food.

Finger Caddy

On Thursday his salvation emerged: the Finger Caddy, a "smart snack assistant" that looks like a pair of big tweezers attached to a ring. You can use them to grab potato chips, cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, nachos and yes, Cheetos. Early birds will pay $15 for a set of nine when the gizmos arrive on Kickstarter.

"Once worn on the finger, both the ring attachment and the Finger Caddy grabber can easily rotate to provide a full range of motion. This flexibility allows the user to make adjustments on-the-fly as she goes from eating a chip to tapping on her smartphone screen repeatedly," Finger Caddy said. Sounds like just the thing for a globe-trotting high-tech executive who wants to keep run multibillion-dollar tech companies without getting crumbs in the keyboard.

Preorders begin Tuesday, June 12, Finger Caddy said. The gadgets are scheduled to ship in September.

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