Find out what your name means, according to Urban Dictionary

Take a minute to get a very personalized name meaning you won't find in any baby book.

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Gael Cooper
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Do you know the meaning of your name?

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Sure, your name may have historic or traditional meaning (my own "Gael" refers to "a Gaelic-speaking inhabitant of Ireland, Scotland, or the Isle of Man"). But there might be a hidden definition. On Monday, Urban Dictionary began trending on Twitter as presumably bored web surfers discovered they could look up their first names on the crowdsourced dictionary of slang.

It's beyond easy to get your definition. Just pull up UrbanDictionary.com and see if your name is listed. Weirdly, many names are, with some super specific definitions. Remember, however, that these are crowdsourced entries, so they may have spelling and grammar mistakes and often feature sexual or other adult content. Urban Dictionary isn't your grandmother's Merriam-Webster.

So, if your name is Adam, you may have grown up knowing your name belonged to the Biblical first man, and that many people say your name may derive from adamah, the Hebrew word for earth or ground.

But on UrbanDictionary, things get way more specific. Adam can brag about being "a lovable sweet guy who will make any girl feel special," or "a good kisser and is a nerd when it comes to video games."

Is your name Stacie? Not to brag, but you're apparently "so beautiful, it can bring (people) to tears."

Do you go by Brandi? UrbanDictionary says you're the "illest and dopest chick" who "loves hard" and you are "drama free."

There are multiple definitions for Brandi, as there are for most UrbanDictionary names, so if you don't like that one, just keep scrolling down till you get an acceptable one. This isn't an exact science. 

Not everyone wants to hear your results, though. Wrote one Twitter user, "Nobody gaf about the meaning of your name in Urban Dictionary."