Engagement ring piercings a painful new way to say yes

A trend popping up on social media has millennials professing their love with finger piercings. Is this romantic or are brides-to-be courting an infection?

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Why be boring and get engaged with a ring when you can get a sparkling diamond implanted into the skin of your ring finger? 

Apparently, the new trend in romance is to skip jewelry and attach a single gem to your ring finger via dermal anchor

The painful process involves using a dermal punch to remove a small circle of flesh from the finger.  Then a small dermal anchor is inserted into the hole. A small base secures the dermal anchor in place. You can see more than a handful of engagement piercings on Instagram, along with other microdermal ring bling in various stages of healing. 

While the illusion of a floating diamond resting inside the surface of your ring finger does look rather magical, the process isn't without health risks. 

According to Painful Pleasures, the piercing itself can detach and migrate into your skin further, or your body can simply reject the piercing, pushing it out in time. The most common problem with piercings like these include infection, resulting in the diamond and anchor needing to be professionally removed. 

"It's an accident waiting to happen," Cassi Lopez, a piercer at New York Adorned, told Refinery 29 of finger piercings. "Think about everything you do with your hands, like reaching into your pockets, putting on gloves, or wiping yourself after you go to the bathroom. There's a huge chance of not only rejection and tearing, but a serious infection." 

Before thinking of getting any kind of dermal piercing like this, be sure to research the kinds of jewelry that can be used, as well as how to care for the piercing.