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Freshen up your car with Elon's Musk

Make your ride smell of success, or at least of Tesla car leather, with an Elon Musk air freshener. No really.

With these Elon Musk novelty air fresheners, you can at least make your car smell like a Tesla. 
Elon's Musk

When your last name is Musk, eventually someone is going to make a joke about how you must smell like manly cologne. 

In the case of billionaire entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk, I imagine a fair number of people have stealthily tried to catch a whiff of him during Tesla car meetings. 

Now everyone can find out what the SpaceX founder smells like with novelty car air fresheners called Elon's Musk.

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The air freshener is an uncanny illustration of Musk's smiling face and smells "quite leathery, with low notes of rocket fuel," according to the Elon's Musk website

"We genuinely put a lot of time into this," the website added. "It's the closest thing to Musk we could imagine."

Elon's Musk air freshener retails online for around $7 (about £5 or AU$9), and will ship worldwide in November.

While this is a real product, the website selling the geeky air fresheners states that the product is "intentionally a parody" and not connected to the real Musk. 

That said, creator is more than happy to send Elon Musk a few air fresheners of his own grinning face, if he asks.