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New Instagram sensation: Girls chewing ice fast on video

Videos of female vloggers chomping on colorful ice are taking Instagram by (ice) storm. Is this a new internet trend or just a bit of ASMR?

Chewing ice can be a delightful experience on a hot summer day, but for some people just watching and listening to teeth crushing ice can be a soothing experience, referred to as an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).

ASMR is defined as a tingling sensation on the skin that happens after hearing certain sounds. There are YouTube channels dedicated to creating ASMR videos of whispering, fingers tapping on a surface or even the crushing of eggshells.

Now it seems watching people quickly crunch their way through tasty ice creations can be added to the ASMR triggers list.

Thousands of short videos -- mostly of women from China -- eating ice of different colors and shapes can be found on Instagram under the #IceEating hashtag. 

You can search on your own for them, or simply visit the Instagram account asmraddictss to see reposted videos in one place. 

The ice featured in the videos comes in the shape of flowers, triangles, stars, cones, sticks and even animals. While it's intriguing to watch people eat the ice, there's also a competitive component where the subjects try to eat the ice as fast as possible. 

Watching people eat ice may seem like a peculiar way to spend your time, but those sensitive to ASMR sounds may find it highly satisfying. 

Watch some of the more creative ice-eating videos below to see if you get the ASMR tingle sensation.