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Cook different... with new Tim Cookware kitchen products

Channel your inner Tim Cook with this new cookware dedicated to the Apple CEO.

Apple CEO Tim Cook can now help you in the kitchen... sort of.
Tim Cookware

Fans of Apple CEO Tim Cook who want to pay tribute to him in the kitchen could be in luck.

Tim Cookware is a new range of essential kitchen utensils that all feature the iconic face of Tim Cook -- hence the name.

"We all know Tim Cook as the friendly and welcoming face behind each new Apple product for the best part of a decade," Charles Kerr, creator of Tim Cookware, told CNET. "He's been the star of the show at groundbreaking and revolutionary Apple launch events since 2011. He is an icon and I decided he deserved his very own revolutionary Cookware Collection."

Tim Cookware is divided into three collections -- 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max -- that include different items, including a spoon-spatula combo tool, a rolling pin, a chopping board, a chef's hat and a customizable Tim Cookbook for recording your old family recipes or brand-new concoctions. 

There's even a $50 (about £40, AU$74) cheese grater that has "the design and exorbitant price of the Mac Pro, with none of the functionality."

Even though Tim Cookware sounds like a prank, all the products are indeed real, and will be sent out to customers in November. 

However, Tim Cookware isn't in anyway connected to Apple Inc. or its CEO.

Cook may be the face of this novelty cookware line, but it doesn't seem to be on his radar yet.

"While I haven't yet heard from the man himself, I'm sure he'd love to hear about his own range of Cookware and I'd love to send him a collection," Kerr said.

Tim Cook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.