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Panic button for web browsers scrubs away all content fast

Sick of the online clutter? Turn your Chrome or Safari browser into a blank slate with the Nothing on the Internet extension.

NASA's website gets scrubbed down to its structure with the Nothing on the Internet browser extension.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's now a panic button for web browsing, and it's the Nothing on the Internet extension for Chrome and Safari. Turn it on and it will wipe out all website content, leaving nothing but blank spaces behind.

Nothing on the Internet, brought to our attention by Lifehacker, delivers a fascinating look at the structural bones of a website. You might see a largely blank white canvas, or perhaps blocks of color reminiscent of a Mondrian painting. There's a sense of artful calm about it. No headlines. No ads. No walls of text. No bright images or auto-play videos.

The extension comes from creative group Sideline Collective, which offers a compelling reason to use it: "With the click of a button, witness all the noise and clutter that occupies so much of our 'busy' lives, that feeds our deepest fears and shallowest desires, witness it all vanish in an instant." That sounds pretty great.  

Overall, the extension works well. You might see a header or a little text sneaking in on certain websites, but that's the exception. 

While Nothing on the Internet might seem frivolous at first blush, it could actually be an internet sanity saver. When you catch yourself getting lost in the online labyrinth, just hit that black box and engage the extension to remind yourself there's a world outside of your browser.