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Black cat on the Giants-Cowboys field makes purrfect NFL meme

One of those teams needs to sign this cat right away.

Not the actual cat.
Nicolas Economou/Getty Images

Halloween was last week, but try telling that to the quick-moving black cat that appeared on the field at MetLife Stadium during the Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

The cat showed up near the end of the second quarter, and play was stopped while it raced around for about two minutes. Fans erupted when the cat finally crossed into the end zone, and it eventually darted into one of the off-field tunnels.

Westwood One radio announcer Kevin Harlan gave the cat its own witty play-by-play.

Football fans on social media honored the feline visitor with plenty of memes and jokes. Black cats, of course, bring their own special superstitions. "Seven more years of bad QBs for the Giants," wrote one Twitter user.

And some were worried about the frantic feline's fear. "Call me weird, but I found absolutely nothing funny about this," wrote one Twitter user. "It was heartbreaking seeing how terrified that cat was."

And some fans just wanted to sign the cat. "Has good movement skills but could use a little more cardio work," wrote one.

Naturally, Twitter accounts in the cat's honor quickly sprang up, including one dubbed CowboysCat and another called GiantsBlackCat.

And it turns out a lot of cats watch Monday Night Football too, and this may have been their favorite game ever.

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