Bill and Melinda Gates answer 'tough questions' in annual letter

The Gates Foundation released its 2018 letter, titled "The 10 Toughest Questions We Get."

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Bill and Melinda Gates share their annual letter, where they address some "tough questions" they are asked regularly. 

Nikki Ritcher

Bill and Melinda Gates released their 10th annual letter today. In it they address the "10 toughest" questions they are asked. You can read the entire thing, but here's a list of the questions they answer, which range from topics like education to politics and climate change:

  • Why don't you give more in the United States?
  • What do you have to show for the billions you've spent on US education?
  • Why don't you give money to fight climate change?
  • Are you imposing your values on other cultures?
  • Does saving kids' lives lead to overpopulation?
  • How are President Trump's policies affecting your foundation's work?
  • Why do you work with corporations?
  • Is it fair that you have so much influence?
  • What happens when the two of you disagree?
  • Why are you really giving your money away — what's in it for you?
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