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Baseball Fans Get Their Own Stats-Heavy Wordle Clone

WARdle invites fans to guess a baseball player's name based on their team, position and how they bat and throw.

Homer at the bat
Homer Simpson is not one of the answers. You can cross that one off immediately. 

Another day, another Wordle knockoff. But this time it's not for grammar nerds or math ones, but for baseball fans.

WARdle is a stats-heavy guessing game, inspired by Wordle and sports game Poeltl, featuring the now-familiar green-colored grid. The idea is that you have to guess a current baseball player in eight guesses or less.

You put a name into the top -- Brett or Wayne, perhaps -- and then pick a player from a drop-down list (or type the full name if you know the one you want). The game then fills out a grid using data points such as team, division, bats and throws. There's very few yellow squares here, but the idea is to guess the player by filling up all the squares green. 

Be warned: You really need to know who the current players are or you'll wind up just as lost as me. For reference, I only know the names of baseball players mentioned in the softball episode of The Simpsons, and so I am absolute garbage at this game. As you can see here.

WARdle #2 - X/8


One caveat: The teams players are recorded as playing for are from the start of last season, so for example it thinks Max Scherzer still pitches in the NL East for Washington. Developer Zach Ellis responded to a fan question on this topic, promising it would soon be updated:

The viral word game Wordle has spawned dozens of imitators and was bought earlier this year by The New York Times for a sum "in the low seven figures."