Are You Actually Good at Wordle? WordleBot Judges Your Skills

Put your Wordle talents to the test.

Mark Serrels
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The WordleBot is here to shame you.


Do you think you've got a knack for Wordle? Are you willing to bet your skills can stack up against thousands of other players? Can you handle the truth?

The New York Times has unleashed WordleBot, an online tool designed to check your Wordle results and judge your skills -- or lack of skills. 

It judges based on three categories: Skill, Luck and Steps.

Skill attempts to figure out if you minimized the expected amount of turns required to make the correct guess. Luck asks the question: "Did your choices eliminate more solutions than expected?" Steps is fairly self-explanatory: How many guesses did you take?

Using the WordleBot is pretty straightforward. You do today's Wordle, then head straight to this link. The site does the rest. You can also upload a screen cap of your Wordle and the bot can analyze things that way.

Here's the score I got when I tried it out a while back:


Not bad!

Mark Serrels/CNET

Not bad? I guess. I suck at Wordle though.
Now you go!