Apple iPhone's 'Dynamic Island' Feature Has Internet Drowning in Jokes

Jokes about the name of the new feature abound. "You can use satellite SOS to get rescued from the Dynamic Island."

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Apple screenshot by Sarah Lord/CNET

Want to travel to the Dynamic Island? Apple's hoping you do. During the company's live event on Wednesday, customers were met the Dynamic Island, which replaces the iPhone's usual notch and expands and contracts into different shapes to share alerts and other activity. "Each alert has its own personality, and has been designed with its own unique character," Apple says. The Dynamic Island also displays background activity or a phone call. 

The Dynamic Island will be available on the upcoming new iPhone 14 Pro, which can be preordered Sept. 9 and will be available Sept. 16. CNET's Ian Sherr calls it "still a notch, but one that's actually useful."

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It also kind of sounds like an odd tourist destination, or maybe a horror movie location, and social media was quick to jump on the name, which one tweeter called "the most Apple thing they've ever Appled."

"You can use satellite SOS to get rescued from the dynamic island," declared one tweet. Joked Wall Street Journal technology columnist Joanna Stern, "You're stranded on a dynamic island and can only bring one person with you..."

Joking aside, lots of people watching Wednesday's Apple event liked the design of the island, pill cutout, smart notch, or whatever you want to call it. 

"OK, this dynamic island looks so smooth!!! That alone might be a good reason to get an iPhone 14," one Twitter user wrote

Not sure too many people will spend $1,000+ just for a vacation to the Dynamic Island, but to each their own.