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Apple celebrates journalists in video promoting News Plus service

Journalists star in Apple's push to share magazines digitally.

Plastic trash floating in the water. Protest signs. A mother kissing her child. Apple's foray into integrating magazines into its News service kicked off with a video full of powerful images. 

Journalists and photojournalists working in fields as diverse as politics, fashion and sports took the lead in the video by talking about the impact of their work. 

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Apple's Monday "show time" event is all about pushing the company's services, including the addition of thousands of magazines into its enhanced News Plus. Apple has roped in some big names, including The New Yorker, Popular Science and ESPN the Magazine. The service will cost $9.99 per month.

"The container for these stories is changing. If we have a place to go to we can trust to hold all those stories, that is going to help," adventure photographer Aaron Huey says in the video.

Check out everything Apple has announced at today's event.