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Google Doodle honors women's firsts on International Women's Day

An animated Doodle highlights the hands that opened doors for today's women.

The latest Google Doodle celebrates hands that made a difference. (Click image to see video.)

Google is giving a big hand to women to honor International Women's Day this year. Technically, it's a lot of big hands -- big hands that made a difference through the years.

Google is celebrating the annual holiday with an animated Doodle that highlights women's "firsts" in history. The Doodle focuses on the hands that opened the doors for women today, including those of the first women to cast a vote and other activists. Other hands in today's spotlight include those of pioneering female scientists, writers, athletes and artists from around the world.

Frustrated by the oppression and inequality they'd long suffered, women became more vocal at the beginning of the 20th century in campaigning for change. In 1908, a group of women marched through New York City's streets to demand better pay, shorter working hours and voting rights.

The first Women's Day was observed across the US the next year in accordance with a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. The holiday is now celebrated every March 8 in dozens of countries around the world.

Silicon Valley has struggled with the issue of gender equality and diversity. Women make up just 30% of the workforce in Silicon Valley, according to the Kapor Center, and girls also face several obstacles in pursuing STEM education.

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