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'Amazing data entry' guy is the hero we need

May we all be half as good at something as this viral guy is with entering data while standing in the aisle of a store.

There's a video, posted on YouTube on Tuesday, that currently has over 1.3 million views. This in itself isn't unusual, but what sets this video apart is the subject matter. It's a guy standing in the cooler section of a store, one-handedly entering numbers into a machine hanging down from his waist. Thrilling, right? No, really, it actually is.

The video from YouTube user A D is titled "Amazing data entry," and that's exactly what you get. Let's refer to this heroic man as ADE (Amazing Data Entry) Guy. According to the video description, ADE Guy has been doing this for over 30 years and he's developed some mad-crazy skillz with an emphatic "z."

What exactly is ADE Guy doing? Probably taking inventory, but it doesn't really matter. You just want to absorb his talent through your eyeballs. The YouTube videographer estimates ADE Guy is tapping out the equivalent of over 80 words per minute. "Although it's all numbers so even faster," he writes.

The footage is so epic, it's already earned a remix involving the video game Guitar Hero and the notoriously challenging DragonForce song "Through the Fire and Flames."

ADE Guy is so good, you'll forget you're watching a vertical video. His skills will make you want to excel at your own job. You will become a better person just by viewing this video. There is light and hope in this world.

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