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3D-printed Christmas tree toppers celebrate Beyoncé, Hillary

Move over, angels. You can now crown your Christmas tree with winged versions of Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton and Beyoncé

Choose from Serena Williams,  HIllary Clinton or Beyoncé.
Women To Look Up To Limited

You're looking to do something a little unusual with your Christmas tree this year. You could go for a glowing Star Wars Death Star tree topper or Prince's face. Or you could top your tree with a 3D-printed angelic version of pop star Beyoncé, politician Hillary Clinton or tennis hero Serena Williams. 

UK nonprofit Women To Look Up To Limited offers a series of tree toppers that pay tribute to strong women. These aren't demure angels in flowing robes. Williams is reaching out to deliver a killer serve. Clinton rocks a pantsuit. Beyoncé belts out a song. 

Women To Look Up To has partnered with London's My3DTwin to create the winged figures from plaster, a process that takes about 12 hours. As a final touch, the toppers get a UV and moisture-resistant coating. Each topper costs £80 (US$107, AU$140) and ships worldwide. 

Women To Look Up To says it reinvests profits in projects to further female equality. The group also has an open vote going to choose a fourth topper. The candidates include Michelle Obama, J.K. Rowling, Lady Gaga, Melinda Gates and Amal Clooney.