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Internet cat star Maru to grace the printed page

We all know the Internet was created for cat videos. Finally, "I am Maru," a fictional biography of YouTube superstar Maru, is set for release.

Some people like reading fiction. Some people like reading biographies of historical figures. The new biography book, "I am Maru," should cover both bases.

The book, which originally came out in Japan in 2009, is finally arriving in the U.S. this month. As with most cool Japanese things, it took awhile.

In case you've actually been working and don't know about Maru, I'll give you a primer. Maru is a pudgy Japanese cat who likes to jump into boxes. I know that doesn't sound like much, but you have to see him in YouTube action to understand the appeal. Maru regularly racks up 500,000 to 2 million hits per video.

The plot of "I am Maru" sounds like a feline-focused version of MTV Cribs. See where Maru hides. Meet his favorite cupboard. Find out what kind of cereal box he enjoys sticking his head into. Check out his cool kitty toys.

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What does this sort of book say about society and the psychology of our world today? Who cares! It's frickin' cute. "I am Maru" is bound to stand alongside McCullough's "John Adams" and the upcoming "Steve Jobs: A Biography" as one of the true greats of its genre.

I know what you're thinking. You don't really need cat videos. You can quit anytime. You're an aficionado of adorableness, not an addict.

But as long as Maru is around, you'll never be free. Just give in. The biography is set for release on August 23, so get your preorder in before you click over to Cute Overload for your daily fix.