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Interactive music video stars your own Facebook profile

A new music video from the duo Big Data needs your Facebook profile to exist, creating a custom experience based on your status and photos.

The Facehawk is composed of your Facebook information.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

"Big Data" is a business buzz phrase used to describe mass amounts of information. It's also an electronic-music duo that enjoys playing with the crossover between music and technology. The band's latest single, "Dangerous," comes with an interactive music video that customizes itself based on your Facebook profile.

First, you have to allow access to your profile by clicking the big "connect with Facebook to play video" button on the Facehawk site and agreeing to let it gather your data. It won't post to your wall without permission.

The video kicks off by making it look like Big Data has taken over your Facebook page and updated your status for you. That screen breaks apart until status updates and photos are flying all over the place, slowly assembling themselves back together into a 3D hawk shape. This is your very own personalized "facehawk."

The video also takes you on a stroll through long-forgotten Facebook status updates and photos, both your own and those from friends. At the end, you can zoom in on and rotate your facehawk.

The video was created and directed by Rajeev Basu. Big Data is made up of Daniel Armbruster and Alan Wilkis.

The video comes with an explanation: "Their music explores the ever-increasing relationship between man and machine. How the Internet has reshaped the human experience. 'Dangerous' from their upcoming EP, is about voyeurism in the digital age. Watching while being watched, tracked, and recorded. Your facehawk is the embodiment of this. We all have our own facehawk and there is no escaping it."

Big Data doesn't actually commandeer your profile or post for you on your Facebook page, so feel free to enjoy the video and get the catchy song stuck in your head. This may be your only chance to star in a music video.