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Intel's newest prototype makes today's VR headsets seem old fashioned (Tomorrow Daily 410 show notes)

Project Alloy isn't tethered to a PC, doesn't require external sensors and won't need controllers...but we might be waiting a while to see a commercial product hit retail shelves.


Every time we wear an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive to jump into virtual reality, we lament the cables that keep us tethered to our PCs, and wish we could use our hands as controllers. Intel wants to do exactly that via Project Alloy, an untethered VR headset with depth sensors that allow for gesture control.

We're also taking a quick look at GOAT Leg, a robotics project from a Carnegie Mellon University researcher. It's inspired by jumping mountain goats, and someday could be used in other robots to allow them to cross uneven terrain with ease.

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Project Alloy's untethered, gesture-controlled VR headset sounds great to us (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 410)

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