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Intel takes Metro to IDF

Intel unveils Metro concept laptop at the Intel Developer Forum

Ars Technica

Intel showed off an interesting concept laptop this week at the spring Intel Developer Forum in Beijing. The ultrathin laptop, which Intel is calling the Metro, measures just 0.7 inches thick and weighs a scant 2.2 pounds. The Metro's most unusual feature is neither its secondary display (which we've seen here) nor its colorful array of leather wraps (which we've seen here).

It's the shoulder strap that promises to attract the attention of female tech buyers and purse snatchers alike. While the Metro lets you leave your laptop bag behind, I hope that shoulder strap is detachable. That would give the product broader appeal, potentially to women who may already own a fashionable and functional shoulder bag, and even to male metro-dwellers.

The always-on secondary display uses e-ink technology and sits in the middle of the laptop's lid. It lets you check e-mail and calendar appointments, or read your e-book without opening powering on the laptop on a crowded subway car. We don't yet know the sizes of the secondary or primary displays.

The Metro will feature an antenna that can switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX. Intel has yet to decide on a processor, and only time will tell which of Intel's partners will choose turn this concept into a real product. Intel mentioned that it hopes to include an inductive pad enabling you to charge your cell phone by simply resting it on the pad.

Via Ars