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Instagram shots show gadgets' many moods

This week, we asked Crave readers to submit their best Instagram shots of tech gear, and boy did we get some great ones. Who knew a Qwerty keyboard could look so sexy or a Mac could get so mad?

Sure, cats in DIY Ewok hats can be cute, but until you've seen Tangy the Maltese/Chihuahua clutching a PS3 like her life depended on the next Assassin's Creed mission, you've barely scratched the surface of geek-animal adorable.

Tangy the PS3-loving pup stars in one of the most amusing reader Instagram shots of tech gear submitted by CNET readers this week. For one of what we expect to be a series of reader Instagram galleries, we asked for gadget glam shots. As is always the case when we tap readers' creativity, we were more than pleased with the results.

We got shots from around the globe -- artsy, moody, nostalgic, quirky, and more. Take a click through our below gallery to see some of the best shots, and if doing so makes you feel Instagram-inspired, keep your camera lens and your eyes open. We'll be asking for more Instagram submissions soon.