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17 shots from an Instagram photog you should follow

Every week I share a new Instagram account so you can see some great photography from people other than the folks on your friend list.

Recently I've been sharing Instagram accounts that are worth checking out, especially if your only experience of Instagram is following your friends. Because while the site is great for keeping up with your friends and sharing your life in photos, there are tons of accounts with fantastic photography, which you might be missing out on. Previously, I've shared the work of National Geographic photographer Cory Richards and the photo community account called Art of Vision, among others.

This week, I want to share the work of Christoffer Collin, a photographer from Sweden who takes amazing photos of the world around him. Predictably there are a lot of snowy vistas given his location, but there's plenty of variety once you dig in. His stated mission on his Instagram page is to "try to capture beautiful things" with his Hasselblad camera. Once you see a few of his shots, I think you'll agree he succeeds.