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Cross-eyed cat wins over Instagram with its crazy peepers

A tabby cat rockets to Instagram stardom thanks to his unusual and compelling blue eyes.

What does it take to achieve Instagram stardom? Turns out the answer is a body full of fur, some pleasing stripes and two eyes that point at one another. Meet Sol-kun, a cat with 142,000 Instagram followers. He's a tabby mix with some Siamese coloration, but his most notable physical feature is his very crossed eyes.

Sol-kun's eyes are no problem for the outgoing Japanese feline, which came to our attention through RocketNews24. His popular Instagram posts show him licking a spoon, wearing a paper hat, hanging out in boxes and playing with a mouse toy.

Sol-kun's person updates the account under the name tomiinya. Sol-kun has a sibling, a Russian blue named Cocomo, but the cross-eyed kitty is the star of the show. A look through the comments shows that Sol-kun has an international fan base with followers leaving messages in English, Spanish, German and a host of other languages.

Siamese cats, in particular, are prone to having crossed eyes. In a 2005 paper published in the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research Journal, researcher Jon Kaas notes, "Most observers would never suspect from their behavior that the mutated gene that produces their attractive coat and eye color is also responsible for a grossly abnormal visual system."

The science of cats is interesting, but most Instagram followers are really just here for the cute cat photos and Sol-kun delivers.