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Instacube: A digital photo frame for Instagram hipsters

View your X-Pro and Walden-filtered Instagram photos in all their glory with Instacube, a digital photo frame with a few social tricks up its sleeve.

Cool, man, you got an Instacube.
Design to Matter

Once-hot digital photo frames are now relegated to the holiday gift sales section at department stores. But the digital frame may be about to get its groove back thanks to Instacube, an Instagram-specific display.

The bigger-is-better concept is alive and well with this Kickstarter project. The squared-off Instacube streams your Instagram photo feed in a much larger format than you can view on your little smartphone screen.

The Instacube has a lot more going on than a typical digital photo frame. It features a touch-screen display, tactile buttons, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 4GB of flash memory, runs on Android, and powers itself from a rechargeable battery.

Multiple users can all push photos to a single Instacube, making it a social animal. A heart-shaped button on the top triggers a "like" for your favorite pictures.

Expanding the washed-out colors of your 1977-filtered photos onto the big(ger) screen will set you back a $149 Kickstarter pledge, but if you hurry you can get in on the two-for-$199 limited-edition pledge level.

Instacube feeds
Toggle through your feeds at the push of a button. Design to Matter