See inside an Amazon warehouse in 360 degrees

Take a virtual tour of Amazon's fulfillment center on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Ever wondered how Amazon gets your order to you?

It all starts at a fulfillment center. Inside this Amazon warehouse in Tracy, California, some of the order fulfillment process is automated with machines or robots. Small orange Kiva bots carry shelves of items, while labeling machines scan outgoing boxes to make sure the right address is placed on each one.

But the process still needs humans -- over 3,000 of them -- to work alongside the machines.

The Kiva bots were first deployed in 2014 to carry shelves of items across the warehouse floor. They deliver them to picking stations where workers choose specific items on the shelves for each order.

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There are multiple ways to watch our 360-degree video of the tour, found at the top of the page. On a mobile device, use the YouTube app to view the video on a phone and move the screen around to see different angles. Or you can use a VR device like Google Cardboard and watch the video in VR mode.

You can also click and drag around the video with a mouse if you're on desktop.