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Inside a Windows 7 house party

Microsoft expects more than 800,000 people to experience Windows 7 through the Tupperware-style parties. Here's a look at one such event at a church in Albany, Ga.

Although some scoffed at the notion of Windows 7 house parties, Elliott Minor of Albany, Ga., said his event was a hit.

Roughly two dozen people showed up to the event, which was held at his church. Although not a huge gathering, the event seemed to be one of many that served Microsoft's purpose--helping spread the word about its just-launched Windows 7 operating system.

Two techies from the area teamed up to highlight Windows 7's key features and answer questions.

"Judging from the oohs and aahs of guests, I'd say they were favorably impressed," Minor said in an e-mail interview.

Minor said he and the organizers tried to get in the Windows 7 spirit. "We served Windows 7 cake and cupcakes--all with green icing topped by a red 7--pimento cheese sandwiches on 7-grain bread, and we gave 'em 7-Up to help wash it down," Minor said. (Pimento-cheese? Well, at least it's healthier than Burger King Japan's seven-patty Windows 7 Whoppers.)

Anyway, rather than keep the party pack given to party hosts, Minor raffled them off, generating $77 for a local soup kitchen. (That's in contrast to the many folks that tried to put their swag up for sale on eBay.)

In all, Microsoft expects the house parties and meet-ups to reach some 800,000 people. Events are taking place in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, and China. Microsoft employees have been having events for a little while now (such as this one), while the customer-hosted parties kicked off last Thursday on launch day.

For a look at other Windows 7 launch parties, check out this feature from Gizmodo. Meanwhile, I doubt this is what Redmond had in mind, but some folks in the UK did a funny video suggesting people have a Windows 7 torrenting party (Warning: some f-bombs and references to drug use).