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Infinity Blade games earned Epic more than $30 million

Game and game engine maker Epic says that the popular iOS game franchise has brought in more than $30 million since its introduction near the end of 2010.

A shot from Infinity Blade II, a title Epic says has already pulled in $5 million.
A shot from Infinity Blade II, a title Epic says has already pulled in $5 million.
Scott Stein/CNET

One of the prettiest looking games on Apple's iOS platform turns out to be pretty profitable too.

The popular Infinity Blade franchise, which grew to two games last month, has earned Epic Games and developer Chair Entertainment more than $30 million since its debut near the end of 2010.

Epic announced that figure today, while noting that Infinity Blade II has brought in net earnings of $5 million in the month since its launch, a benchmark the company says took the first game three months.

The series was unveiled at Apple's once-annual music event in 2010 and was released as a standalone app called Epic Citadel. The app was not a game as much as a showcase for Epic's Unreal Engine, letting players walk around a fictional castle and take in the details. A few months later Epic went on to release Infinity Blade, which nixed the first-person gameplay in favor oftap-based exploration and swipe-based combat.

Infinity Blade's sequel went on sale last month after first being demoed at the unveiling of Apple's iPhone 4S in October. It's notable for being the first game showed off that takes advantage of the phone's speedier hardware, something developers have had access to with the iPad 2 since March.

Epic says that the original game has earned the company more than $23 million, and laid the groundwork for other products related to the series; that includes a soundtrack, novella, and arcade game.

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