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Infidelity at trade shows? It's a concern, says a survey

A survey suggests that many worry something bad will happen at a trade show -- with 66 percent afraid their partner could cheat.

Would infidelity possibly be on these CES-goers' minds? Surely not.
Cesapex/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Trust never comes easy, even in the strongest of relationships.

Your lover can tell you she loves you and wants to elope with you one minute; then insist you're surplus to requirements the next.

So when you (or your loved one) disappears to CES or some other vast conglomeration of humanity, bad things will likely happen.

To prove this careworn point, might I offer a new survey in which 94 percent of Americans declared that bad things happen at conferences and trade shows?

You might detect a certain potential slant in this research, as it was performed on behalf of ON24, which just happens to be a Webcasting and virtual events company.

Still, the results make for negative palpitations in the spleen.

For 71 percent of Americans believe that the freedom of a trip to Vegas or elsewhere will lead to excessive alcohol consumption. Too great a temptation to spend too much money is a concern to 54 percent.

Too much participation in fatty foods is feared by 53 percent, while a mere 31 percent fear participation in illicit drugs.

But it's the 66 percent that will surely give many pause for fright. This 66 percent believe that infidelity is something of an inevitability when someone skips their own town for another.

Perhaps it's the sudden freedom. Perhaps they feel they're a new person, one whose downsides are less well-known, therefore instantly making them more attractive.

Some might be stunned that the figure isn't even higher. If 71 percent fear that there will be excessive alcohol, then it's easy to conceive infidelity taking drunkenness's hand and leading it astray.

In this particular survey, though, once the respondents began baring their insecurities, they couldn't stop. 85 percent of them sniffed that work infringes on their personal time. And 70 percent wailed that too much time away from home can lead to a failed marriage.

You will have probably grasped by now that, in ON24's ideal world, no one would travel to conferences and trade shows, no one would even have in-person meetings, and infidelity would be eradicated overnight.

Sadly, it's boredom that tends to wreck many relationships. Many people like their spouses to disappear to trade shows. It gives them a little peace and quiet for a while -- oh, and an opportunity to, you know, party a little.