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Infamous 'Star Wars Holiday Special' gets 'Force Awakens' parody

Funny or Die envisions a new "Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special" with the help of Jason Alexander, Lydia Hearst, DJ Qualls and the band Train. Plus, meet BB-8's family.

Captain Phasma means business in this Funny or Die parody "The Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special."
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Just when we thought the infamous 1978 TV show "The Star Wars Holiday Special" had been wiped from our memory banks like a droid harboring a dirty secret, the comedy crew at Funny or Die envisions a brand new "Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special" complete with a new batch of celebrities not afraid to pay homage to the campy and much-maligned TV event.

In this parody, posted Friday, the makers of "The Star Wars Holiday Special" decide to make a brand new Star Wars special based on information gleaned from all the teasers, trailers, on-set footage and fan rumors about the characters of "The Force Awakens" and how they would celebrate Droid Day (as opposed to the original Wookiee Life Day).

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The video covers a lot of territory in almost 10 minutes: Kylo Ren, droid BB-8, Captain Phasma, R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker's ghost and celebrity guest stars like model Lydia Hearst, DJ Qualls, and the band Train, singing a special song all about Droid Day.

Just like the real "Star Wars Holiday Special" focused on Chewbacca's family, this parody introduces us to BB-8's droid family including the pink-colored QT-Pi, Gr0mp-E and Lil-8. "Seinfeld" actor Jason Alexander plays Redge Moonhopper, who's reminiscent of the cantina bartender Ackmena played by Bea Arthur in the original TV special.

The special even includes fake commercials for endless Star Wars merchandise, including Kylo Ren oven mitts, a Phasma TV at Target and a poorly made cartoon of Poe, Rey and Finn that mimics the Boba Fett cartoon that aired as part of the original special.

Weirdly, the laugh track added to make it sound like a live studio audience is present is added to the show, when in fact there was no laugh track in the original "Star Wars Holiday Special."

This special was so much fun to watch, here's hoping we get a real reboot of a new "Star Wars Holiday Special." I'm dying to see Lady Gaga do a musical number with droids. Until that fateful day arrives, enjoy Funny or Die's new "Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special" below. Oh, and Happy Droid Day.