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Incredible vintage Soviet space gear headed for auction

An auction on September 13 will see the sale of 104 pieces of memorabilia from the Soviet space program, including a cognac bottle signed by Yuri Gagarin.


Astrophiles will soon have their chance to get their hands on some amazing pieces of cosmonautical history: on September 13, global auction house Auctionata will be selling off 104 individual pieces of memorabilia from the Soviet space program. Although the auction will physically take place in Berlin, the auction will take place online, too -- which means everyone in the world has the opportunity to bid in real-time.

Dating from the 1950s and spanning through to the 1990s, the collection's lowest-priced items start at €60 (approx $77) -- a pair of pen holders from the 90s, four packs of 90s unopened space-branded cigarettes, six official space Zippo lighters from the 80s and 90s, and a set of 12 commemorative pins from 1966 representing Soviet space missions.

The collection also includes memorabilia from the training program of German pop artist Andora, who in 1992 was commissioned to paint a Proton rocket, which was then launched into space; to this day, Andora's art still orbits the Earth. As part of the artwork, Andora also trained as a cosmonaut for seven years, from 1992 to 1998.

The star of the collection though, coming in at a starting price of €4,000 (approx $5,150) and valued at an estimated €8,000 (approx $10,800), is a magnificent doggie suit designed for testing low gravity. Click through the gallery below for a selection of the items up for auction, and visit the official auction page to check out the full collection.

The auction is due to take place at 6.00pm Central European Time on September 13, 2014.