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In your face! Bow tie flashes when people get too close

The Personal Space Defender is a 3D-printed bow tie that flashes LEDs when people get too close for comfort.

the Personal Space Defender
Don't get too close: The Personal Space Defender guards your privacy bubble.

Bow ties and I don't get along well. I graduated from clip-ons long ago, but my tying efforts still result in something resembling a neck-slung cabbage.

But what if bow ties had some funny function? Say, warding off boozy party people when they lean in too close to deliver a back slap?

Well, say hello from a respectful distance to the Personal Space Defender.

Instructables user Aleksei Sebastiani created this 3D-printed bow tie to preserve his personal space. As seen in the tongue-in-cheek video below, the Defender flashes warning LEDs when people stand too close for comfort.

If someone comes within 19 inches of it, the Defender's Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder will set the LEDs flashing for a few seconds. If the person lingers, the lights will flash continuously.

With this flashy accessory, you'll be the life of the party. Or not.

Bonus: the bow itself was printed on a Solidoodle 2 3D printer and doesn't need tying.

"I had this idea and concept for more than a year," Sebastiani, who also has produced a Mario Bros planter, told Solidoodle. "One day, when trolling through Thingiverse, I saw some dude's bow tie.

"BAMM! Now I know how I can incorporate these electronic parts into something that fits with societal convention. I don't like wires or anything else that shout, 'Hey, look, I've got electronics sewn into my jacket!'"

Sadly, Sebastiani has yet to wear the Defender at a social gathering, citing his wife's potential embarrassment. Would you sport it?

DSCN1778 from Aleksei Sebastiani on Vimeo.