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In new S4 ad, Samsung replaces iPhone jokes with a fart joke

Samsung decides that for its latest Galaxy S4 ad, it's best to charm with babies and their noises and not bother with comparative humor.

Yes, this is the moment.
Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You can never go wrong with babies.

Well, except in the case of those people who should never have one.

It seems, therefore, that someone at Samsung has decided -- now that the company has reached the America-centric stage of its Galaxy S4 launch -- not to tread on sexual toes.

You might remember that the company likes to begin its American phase with an ad or two suggesting the iPhone is but an attractive doorstop. This Samsung did a few weeks ago with its pool party ad -- the one with the clueless iPhone-owning parents.

So now it's time to step into familial, non-critical territory.

When it came to the S3, Samsung created perhaps the most amusing ad of last year with its depiction of a happily married couple, in which the wife makes touchingly erotic videos for her husband when he's going away on business.

A new S4 ad released Monday treads, sadly, more familiar familial turf.

Here we have a dad who seems to speak twaddle better than swaddle.

He's trying to wrap his little son up, but he clearly lacks expertise, despite the mendacities he tells his wife. (She's probably used to those already.)

What does any modern father do in this situation? Why, he talks to his phone. With the S4 he can wave his arms at the phone, as well as whisper, to communicate.

Technically, these things are called Air Gesture, and S Voice.

Soon, he is on YouTube and listening to GPS-type swaddling directions. Within moments, he's taking corners just as he would in his Prius: slowly, but safely.

The whole thing is thoroughly charming -- and of course, perfectly timed for Father's Day. (That's June 16, you ingrates.)

But family charm wouldn't be complete without a baby farting, would it?

Baby must have received a bonus in his contract for performing the difficult and very adult maneuver of smiling while releasing.

While many will oohh and aahh at this joyous scene, I feel sure this ad sets a difficult and deliberate precedent.

From now on, every time you ask someone (male) "Feel Good?", you may now receive a response slightly different from the one you might expect.