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In half-baked phone theft, thief slips, posts pot shot of self on victim's Facebook page

Police say a Bronx man stole a woman's cell phone then inadvertently posted to her Facebook page a picture of himself smoking pot. She had set her phone to automatically post all photos to the social network.

This, police say, is the alleged cell phone thief.
Public Information, Deputy Commissioner

Evidence can be a menace.

You think you've gotten away with something, and then that moment comes along when you suddenly remember that perhaps you've left a clue.

This thought may (or may not) have crossed the mind of an alleged cell phone thief.

As the New York Post reports, police in the Bronx feel sure that what happened is that a certain man -- whose picture they now have -- robbed a 27-year-old woman of her gadget.

He then allegedly used it to take a quite fetching picture of himself smoking pot.

This would not be the first time that someone has used a phone to photograph themselves indulging in plenty of 420.

It might, however, be the first time that the photographer wasn't aware that the phone was automatically set to post any picture taken on it to the owner's Facebook page.

You might be asking: "Who does that?" And I will answer that the owner of this stolen cell phone reportedly does.

The police are therefore confident that they now have a picture of the man who allegedly stole the lady's phone.

I am sure he will be high on emotion when he discovers this.