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In DirecTV ad, Jon Bon Jovi warns against having a second child

Technically Incorrect: The famous singer shows you how not to miss shows and suggests you'd be happier without junior number two.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Can he magically get rid of your second child for you?

DirecTV screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Cher wished she could turn back time.

Jon Bon Jovi can.

At least that's what he claims in a new DirecTV ad.

A poor, harassed married couple just wants to watch a favorite show, when the husband remembers that he forgot to record it.

His wife isn't happy.

She becomes slightly happier when she realizes that she doesn't have to put up with her husband's incompetence.

After all, Jon Bon Jovi is in her living room.

This isn't a thing that happens every day. Neither is Jon Bon Jovi appearing in your living room to sing an original song.

But this is advertising, in which surprises are as common as raindrops and dreams are fulfilled all the time.

With DirecTV, Bon Jovi explains -- or rather sings -- that you have the power to turn back time.

It's not just that DirecTV will roll back the clock so that you can catch your favorite show after all. It's that it gives you a chance to go for spicy salsa instead of mild and, yes reconsider your decision to have a second child.

Astonishingly, the minute Bon Jovi sings these words, the second child disappears and the married couple is happy again.

I wonder, though: If the makers of this ad really did have the ability to turn back time, would they have reconsidered Bon Jovi's makeup?

It's hard not to wonder whether it's actually his waxwork that's suddenly started making personal appearances in people's homes.