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In Brazil, an iPhone that isn't an iPhone (it's Android)

Brazil's Gradiente iPhone doesn't look like an iPhone. It isn't even made by Apple. But Gradiente claims it filed to use the iPhone name in 2000. And it's now using it.

An interesting juxtaposition.

Brazilians think different.

Why, only last night I had dinner with the great Brazilian-American chef Berenice de Araujo of Miami's Standard Hotel. She explained to me there's a certain "bats*** crazy" that flows through Brazilian veins.

So why be surprised that Brazil has an iPhone that isn't, well, an iPhone?

A company called Gradiente claimed it had filed a perfectly legal request to use the iPhone brand name. This was back in 2000. Clearly not bats*** crazy, but foxs*** crazy.

As the Associated Press tells it, the company not only won the right, back in 2008, but also has it exclusively until 2018 in Brazil.

Yes, when Apple's iPhone 12S is due.

The quite beautiful surprise you get when you go to the Gradiente site is that you see that its iPhone is, well, an Android phone.

You might imagine that Apple has had cause to comment, protest, contact Gradiente while wielding a pickax or even, gasp, sue.

However, none of the aforementioned has yet happened.

You might also imagine that Gradiente would have taken a prior opportunity to use the iPhone name. It's had quite some recognition.

The company told the AP that it hadn't because its "priority was to conclude a corporate restructuring process that ended earlier this year."

So what might Apple do in this very peculiar situation? Surely it will go bats*** crazy very soon.