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Immerse yourself in whiskey with 360-degree video from Jack Daniel's

Tech meets tradition in Jack Daniel's new 360 video on making whiskey.

Jack Daniel's 360 video features the making of charcoal, used to mellow whiskey.
Jack Daniel's

A bit too much whiskey might have you walking in circles, but with a new 360-degree video from the Jack Daniel's distillery, you can spin around as much as you want -- totally sober -- while getting a look at how the 150-year-old Tennessee whiskey is made.

Released this week, the video starts by taking viewers above the hills of Lynchburg, Tennessee, (about an hour and a half south of Nashville) where the distillery is located. From there, it's down onto the Jack Daniel's premises, including inside the cave whose spring water is used in the making of the whiskey.

Also, if you're into fire, there's plenty of that, as the video shows off the process of making charcoal to mellow the whiskey -- think giant, blazing pile of sugar-maple wood, and flying sparks as barrel makers raise the barrels.

You might not see it here, but tech and traditional whiskey making aren't entirely strangers. Newer bourbon distillers, for example, are trying to figure out how to shave years off the notoriously slow process of barrel aging.

The Jack Daniel's 360 experience is available on YouTube 360. A Samsung Gear VR version will be available at various events this summer, like the music festival Lollapalooza.

You can also go behind the scenes of this behind-the-scenes video. The film's creator, production company The Mill, has posted a making-of clip on Vimeo.