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I'm Rich!

Say Hi to Rich DeMuro of CNET TV.

CNET TV is growing up fast, and now we even have our very own blog! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Rich DeMuro, CNET TV's guy in New York City. Yes, much of our crew is out in San Francisco, but I'm headquartered in the Big Apple to cover the East Coast. It's not all that lonely here; we have a team of editors out here as well who review digital cameras, TVs, computers, and more. But I digress...I produce and host a show on CNET TV called The Queue, which is sort of like The Soup for the technology-minded. It's a fast-paced and fun take on tech, with fresh episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I also do a segment called The New Edge 2.0, which covers cutting edge tech and science, in addition to covering random tech events in and around NYC. OK, enough for now, but I'll keep you posted here with details on each Queue episode so you can easily find links to the stuff I mention in the show.