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iLuv USB charger juices up 3 gadgets at once

The iLuv iAD117 can recharge 3 USB devices simultaneously.

iLuv iAD117
The iLuv iAD117 can charge 3 USB devices simultaneously.

As owners of the iPhone are wont to (correctly) point out, their uber-handheld obviates the need to carry a separate phone, media player, and game device. But there are plenty of us who still need to tote an employer-issued BlackBerry, prefer a plain old iPod, or just can't bear a coast-to-coast flight without a DS or PSP. For that multidevice crowd, the new iLuv iAD117 USB wall charger is an inviting choice. It crowds three USB charging ports into one compact wall wart, and offers foldable power prongs for easy travel.

The triple-ported iAD117 beats similar offerings from Belkin and Griffin, both of which offer wall and car chargers with a mere two USB ports. But the iLuv is one shy of Kensington's 4-port model. In fact, I have an OEM version of the Kensington--the Lenmar ACUSB4 AC Travel Adapter--that costs less than $20 at Amazon. Unlike the Kensington, that one also includes snap-on plug sets for international travel. It's been faithfully sitting on my desk, simultaneously charging two iPods, a phone, and a Bluetooth headset during the workday for months.

Still, 3 ports will be enough for many, and the travel-friendly foldable prongs of the iLuv are a nice feature. The iLuv iAD117 is set to debut in September for $20; the single-port iLuv iAD116 will also be available for $15.

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