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iLoad marks the height of gadget iNsanity

When will the iMadness end?

iDespair CNET Networks

OK, so I get the iMac, the iBook, the iPod, iTunes, and even (grudgingly) the iPhone. Apple thought up the moniker, so we can't begrudge them for expanding on the very successful franchise. But the iTrip, the iRiver Clix and Cowon's range of iAudio products tested the limits of my patience. And I could have held my tongue if BMW's iDrive had been the end of iOpportunism.

But when I noticed the iLoad--a device for ripping CDs and DVDs to iPod without a computer--on Senior Editor Donald Bell's desk this morning, I felt the need to vent. Is the future of consumer electronics destined to be prefixed with "i"? Do product managers and marketing departments have so little imagination as to think they can get away with tacking an "i" in front of anything they dream up?

We are working on a roundup of iGnominy here at Crave, so please feel free to share any more egregious examples you may have come across.