iLive iB109 iPod speaker runs on emasculation

The iLive iB109 is a portable iPod speaker system shaped like a purse.

Donald Bell Senior Editor / How To
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Donald Bell

Photo of the iLive iB109
The iLive iB109 iPod speaker.

Boom box designs typically go to masculine extremes. Products like the Sony Xplod or Altec Lansing iM7 look like they belong on Vin Diesel's shoulder launching rockets at enemy helicopters. Even classically styled boom boxes like the Lasonic i931 are purposely designed to be unwieldy, oversized contraptions that require a gym membership and an unhealthy appetite for punishment.

The iLive iB109 strikes a retaliating blow against the male-centric design of these beat-blasting behemoths by mimicking one of the most emasculating objects ever devised--the purse. With its flexible strap, glossy finish, and iPod-matching color schemes, this portable speaker system is just a Hannah Montana sticker away from repelling men like kryptonite.

Aside from looking adorable, the iLive iB109 will only set you back $29, and includes an AM/FM radio, universal iPod dock, and aux input. You also get the added assurance that men will never ask to borrow it.

(Via Chip Chick)