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iLiad's new 'Book Edition' e-reader

It loses the Wi-Fi connection but lowers price.


It may seem hard to imagine after much news of late, but there are actually e-book readers being produced that aren't the Amazon Kindle. Irex is living proof of that.

The company has updated its "iLiad" reader with a "Book Edition," a less expensive version that doesn't include the Wi-Fi receiver found in the original, according to SlashGear. The first iLiad (not to be confused with Homer's) has been used for wireless newspaper delivery in Europe, where that practice has gained some popularity among readers. But the new model, as its name indicates, is designed for book lovers and includes 50 classic works already installed.

Expected to be go on sale today, it has an 8.1-inch touch screen, a 400MHz Xscale processor, a USB connection to load additonal books, and 128MB of built-in memory that can be expanded through an additional card up to 8GB. But even with its lower cost the Book Edition still goes for about $768, which is nearly twice the price of the $399 Kindle.