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iKettle boils water on command for lazy smartphone users

Put the kettle on without ever leaving the warmth of your bed. The iKettle is a Wi-Fi enabled, smartphone-controlled, water-boiling gadget.

Too bad it doesn't pour your cuppa, too.

Getting up and walking into the kitchen is such a hassle. Why not stay under your cozy covers and use your smartphone to turn on the kettle? That's the idea behind iKettle, a Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen gadget that connects to your iOS or Android device.

The iKettle can be controlled remotely from anywhere in your house. You can kick back on the couch, turn on the kettle with your phone, and lounge around until the water is ready. You will get a notification on your phone when the kettle has reached a boil. A keep-warm setting maintains the heat until you get there.

The iKettle has more than a bit of Jeeves in it. It will message you in the morning, asking if you would like to turn on the kettle. Answer with a yes and you can snooze until it notifies you when the water is ready. It also can be set to send you a kettle query upon your return home.

There are four temperature settings to accommodate everything from green tea to coffee.

The iKettle is up for preorder at Firebox for $160.79 and is due in stock by the end of November. It comes with a UK plug, so if you want to use it in the US, you'll need to deal with an adapter.

iKettle temperatures
A close-up of the temperature controls. Firebox