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IKEA wants to sell you a TV that's part of the furniture

The Uppleva has no cables. It's just a TV that's build into, or rather onto the cabinet on which it stands. But is the TV any good? Might it be an idea for Apple to follow? Surely furniture design is not beyond Cupertino.

IKEA Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's a problem that has plagued the monied for decades.

How do you ensure that your TV goes well with your furniture? How do you find a cabinet upon which your TV might perch with regal grace? And how do you deal with all those cables?

This problem has been affecting me this week, as my TV -- as well as the surround sound, speakers, woofers, and everything else -- was fitted by three hairy men who sniffed a lot, and I have no idea how to take it apart in order to change the furniture around it.

Galloping to my aid is IKEA.

It is launching something called the Uppleva. This is a TV that's built in with the cabinet on which it stands.

Actually, there seem to be several different cabinet designs that happily fit your brand new, many-sized LED TV. It's truly made for those who want no trouble. There are no cables. And the TV has a DVD and Blu-Ray player, as well as being Wi-Fi enabled.

As you watch the promotional video, a few questions might scoot across your brow.

Who makes this TV and is it any good? Doesn't the remote control look a lot like a Wii? And, perhaps, wouldn't it be fun if Apple got into furniture design?

I know that many people believe that Apple will stick to creating software for TV. But dreamers might experience adoration through owning a TV set made by the tasteful souls in Cupertino.

But wouldn't it be the definition of sublime if Apple created furniture upon which its TV might feel at home? Steve Jobs was, at heart, a designer. He spent weeks wondering which washing machine to buy. Wouldn't furniture design be a logical step forward?

As for IKEA, this whole TV and furniture ensemble ought to retail for less than $1,000. It's available this month in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Gdansk and Berlin.

One can only hope that when it arrives at one's house, one doesn't have to put the TV together from a little IKEA drawing. That would be awkward.