iHome debuts new budget iPod accessories

iHome debuts new budget iPod accessories

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iH10: Radio and iPod speaker for $49
The iH10: Radio and iPod speaker for $49 SDI Technologies

SDI Technologies, the maker of the hot-selling iPod clock radio, is showing new affordably priced iPod speaker accessories at CES, including two small home-based units, the iH10 ($49)and iH4 ($49), and the portable iH19 ($69), which comes in multiple colors. The company also has a license to use the Timex name in upcoming iPod clock radios, so this is clearly an accessory company on the move. During my tour of the SDI meeting room (for dealers), I was shown a couple of more novel iPod accesories, including a speaker with a built-in iPod dock that looks like a water bottle and fits into the water-bottle holder on your bike.

The iH19: Beach friendly and portable ($69)
The iH19: Beach friendly and portable ($69) SDI Technologies

Plus, they also had a waterproof iPod-speaker for the shower and a speakerphone with a built-in iPod dock with integrated Bluetooth that allows you stream music from Bluetooth mobile phones. Unfortunately, SDI wouldn't provide pictures of those models--or allow me to take pictures of them--but reps said they would be officially announced within the next few weeks. All the new iHome models are due to come out this spring, though no firm dates were given.

This $49 iH4 clock radio comes in different colored light options
This $49 iH4 clock radio is available with different-colored lights SDI Technologies