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iHit case hides one 'cigarette' with your iPhone

Case allows you to hold one cigarette alongside your iPhone 4. But, since most assume users would stash a joint inside, the iHit will have trouble finding a home at some retail outlets.


While CNET cannot endorse any form of drug paraphernalia, I would like to give credit to the creators of the iHit iPhone case for not dancing around their product's real intention--especially since that honesty might cost them funding and retail opportunities.

The name says it all. The iHit is an iPhone 4 case intended to hold one joint, presumably for emergency use. Of course, it could also hold a single standard tobacco cigarette, but think of the serious smokers you know. They'd need about 24 iPhone cases a day to cope with their habit. The iHit is for the wake-and-bakers. If you're confronted with a jonesing Grateful Dead fan threatening to play an endless guitar solo if he doesn't take a trip to the laughing tree, you can whip out the iHit.

As the product's own Web site indicates, iHit is struggling to twist up a relationship with outlets such as Kickstarter because of the product's intended use (though it's not the first vice-themed case around).

The case offers standard protection to the smartphone with an extension to the case's right side to hold even the fattest spleef. But most major retails operations aren't in the narcotic-themed gadget business, so iHit's sales options may be going up in purple smoke. As a result, the makers of iHit are offering preorders for the case. If they don't receive enough preorders, they promise to send your money back.

So, if you want an iHit, all you have to do is send some cash to folks who theoretically enjoy a bit of Mary Jane and hope they don't forget to send you either the case or your money back in between episodes of "Yo Gabba Gabba."

(Via Cult of Mac)