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Goodbye world, hello personal isolation pod

Time out! This futuristic-looking isolation chamber is perfect for things like chilling out and boozing up. Just the thing to get some quality alone time.

Cozy Room

Hankering for some serious downtime? Feeling antisocial? Need to get away from the fam? This space-agey white seclusion booth might be just the thing you're looking for.

Made in Japan, the self-sequestering box is called the "Cozy Room" and its manufacturers describe it as a "relaxation room for man and woman." (Separately, mind you, this thing is not big enough for more than one person at a time.)

Relax you will. While you'll be all alone in this futuristic booth, there's no need to be lonely.

Cozy Room
"The Phanton Menace," again? CozyRoom

This intimate pod is packed with everything you need to hide out and be entertained for a good long while. Hang up your TV or computer monitor and sit right back in your padded chair, because you've got some serious binge-watching and/or gaming marathons ahead of you.

In addition to the unit's drawers, shelves, and other storage spaces, a special rack has been included so you can admire your Gundam figurine collection. Of course, it has a desktop, which as the promo image shows, has an appropriately named bottle of alcohol, Virgin Bourbon, placed on top of it.

It does not, however, have plumbing, air conditioning, or a refrigerator, and it's definitely not self-cleaning. Plan accordingly.

It's sort of a personal pod of decadence and shame. Amusingly, Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft is calling it the "Forever Alone Pod."

For a mere 798,000 yen (roughly $8,000), you too can shut out the rest of the world. Preorders are being taken now.

Remember, what happens in the "Cozy Room," stays in the "Cozy Room." Or at least we hope so.