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Ignore event invites on Facebook

You aren't the only one with a Facebook friend who sends you invite after invite for events. Did you know you can ignore all event invites from a particular friend or friends? Follow along as we show you how.

We know what it's like to have Facebook friends who send an event invite for anything and everything they have going on in life; trust us, we get just as annoyed. If you have ever wondered how to ignore event invites, or how to block someone from sending you invites at all--we have your back.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

There it is, an unsolicited event invite from an acquaintance you added on Facebook, yet never interact with--and its the third of its kind this week. It's time you take the steps necessary to stop unneeded invites from ever reaching your inbox. Sure, you could just keep responding that you won't be attending, or never respond at all, but the invites will keep coming.

When you are viewing an event, on the same screen that gives the option to respond indicating your attendance of the event, you are three steps away from ignoring a particular invite, as well as any further invites from the sender. 

  1. Click on Remove this event (as highlighted in the screenshot above).

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

  2. Check the box for Ignore invites from [insert friend name here].
  3. Click Remove.

In one quick click of the mouse, you have not only silenced any reminders for a particular event, you have also prevented the same friend from inviting you to more events.

If you prefer to take a proactive approach, Facebook has another method for blocking invites from friends.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

From anywhere in Facebook, go to the top bar and click on Account. Select Privacy Preferences.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

At the bottom of the Privacy Preferences screen you will see a Block Lists option. Click on Edit your lists.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The third item down will be titled "Block event invites." Here you can type the name of individuals you would like to block from sending you invites in the future.

Feeling remorseful about blocking someone? It's OK--you can unblock him or her by clicking on the unblock link next to his or her name in the same section.